Error in running mt_prep_snap. "slc.par" and "matlab: Command not found."

In the process of selecting PS points and unwrapping
After overcoming many problems, I got stuck in another place again.
What is /media/eos/703815B938157EF2/7_psiexport/0.4/*slc/20200407.*slc.par: There is no such file or directory.
matlab: Command not found.
ls: Cannot access’/media/eos/703815B938157EF2/7_psiexport/0.4/ slc/ .*slc’: No such file or directory
I have been trying to deal with it for a few days and it has not made any progress at all.
I have also read articles from other people’s questions, but I have not found a good solution.
Please can anyone help me!!!

please try mt_prep_snap 20200407 media/eos/703815B938157EF2/7_psiexport 0.4 3 2 50 200

I get similar results :sob:

no slash here


still the same :tired_face:
Hope you can help me, thank you very much!

What do the messages say?

It said that there is no such file or directory.

Where exactly did you put the files you exported from SNAP?

The file and folder structure seems to be not correct.

Have you seen these?

Thank you for your help, I finally deleted some files that ran out of the previous error from the psi folder. After leaving only the original four files of dem, diff0, geo, and rslc, use your recommended grammar to execute and run successfully. Thank you very much! (The success screen is shown below)

But I encountered a new problem :sob: :sob: :sob:
I opened matlab and executed stamps(1,1), stamps(2,2), stamps(3,3)…
But an error occurs in stamps(6,6), as shown below.

I tried to find a solution,

For example, I found someone who had the same problem as me, read this reply, and tried to create environment variables as he said.
But the problem is still not solved.

Is there any other solution
I need your help!

what happens when you enter snaphu in your shell (after sourcing the StaMPS config file)?

Thank you very much,
I found that my snaphu installation is not complete
After reinstalling, successfully ran stamps(6,6)
thank you very much!!

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very good - congratulations on comiling snaphu in Linux!