error:[Nodeld: Back-Geocoding] same sub-swath is expected snap,

error:[Nodeld: Back-Geocoding] same sub-swath is expected snap


You cannot coregister images of different tracks (65 and 87)
Besides that, one is ascending, the other descending pass.

I have first merged all subswaths and then when try to do back-backgeocoding. But I get error of []NodeId: Backgeocoding] 0.If I do backgecoding on single subswath then it works. But by merging subswaths in one step and applying backgeocoding I get error. How can I fix this issue?

I think you should process your data separately and then you could merge all of three Sub-Swath,

Later on you could process each of IW separately

Your last step is TOPSAR merge,


Later on you could continue with your steps

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I have the same problem, but the 2 images are the same orbit descendent and the track is 68 for both.
When i do Back Geocoding the error is:
[error:[Nodeld: Back-Geocoding]org.jblas.NativeBlas.dgemm(CCIIID[DII[DIID[DII)V


Are you sure you have not accidentally procesed 2 different subswaths (ex IW 1 and IW 2)?

Yes, i’m sure (IW2 and VV for both). Will be a problem with java?
I work with SNAP in Linux.
The images are:

Thank you

I think it’s nice to comeback to the some problems, even they are old, this problem of backgeocoding is only occurred under Linux, under Linux 19.10 ubuntu environment backgeocoding, of two S1, same track and orbit, gives this error, however, under windows same last version of SNAP, it runs smoothly.

Dear experts,
I faced Same polarization is expected error.
My all data are in same path, descending, frame.

Anyone solve this? or faced before?

can you please share your config file?

Addtional, i have changed computation_subset.xml as a below bcz of its single burst. Otherways, i was getting error explained in here.

In case you prepared the master manually (as suggested), did you reduce the master to one polarization (VV)?

Not yet. Master containing VV, VH of IW2, burst 4. And all of slaves containing only VV

Please select VV during Split of the master

Yeah. It was. Thank you expert.