Sen2Cor not running on SNAP 8.0

Have been using Sen2Cor to perform atmospheric correction on Sentinel-2 images. The plugin is accessed using Tools> Manage External Tools>Sen2Cor280> Run.

Since 24th September 2021, the last update caused some error with Sen2Cor; we have the option to select the processing parameters but the plug in does not run.

Do you have an idea of how to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance

I am also having the same problem. I keep getting a SPACECRAFT NAME error on the log files. Hopefully someone can steer us in the right direction soon…:frowning:

Hi there! Also having problems with Sen2Cor (in both versions…), the pluggin doesn’t run.

I tried to re-install both the pluggin and the app, also tried with different images if it was an error in the image, tried too with a subset and with a complete image…but still doesn’t work.

Have you guys solved the problem?

Thanks a lot!

Hi folks,
Same here. I cannot run the Sen2Cor280 module.

@oana_hogoiu Do you have some hint for those guys having issues with the sen2cor adapter?

First of all, I want to understand if you have errors while running Sen2Cor 2.8.0 from SNAP Menu or if you don’t manage to run it at all. Please describe the behavior.
Second, the issue with SPACECRAFT_NAME is not related with SNAP plugin adapter itself, from the discussions in the past I remember it was caused by a GIPP file misconfiguration.
(the error is very general and usually not telling the real cause)
There are newer versions of Sen2Cor, last version is 2.10

Maybe using a newer version will solve the problem, like @Jan indicated here:

The same issue and solution was here New REFINED L1C tiles do not process with Sen2Cor 2.8

Running Sen2Cor280 in SNAP 8, without changing the parameters, it works without any issues. But I am not a Sen2Cor developer, nor user (just the SNAP integrator :slight_smile: )

Maybe @Jan knows more about specific GIPP files configuration for Sen2Cor 2.8 or about this SPACECRAFT_NAME issue.

Hello @snaojee @barala,
After trying every possible solution, I finally could make it work. However, I am unsure whether it is the best possible solution, and I did not validate the results. So be aware!
What I did was to copy the all the context from:
C:\Users"YOUR USERNAME".snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.08.00-win64
and paste it to
C:\Users"YOUR USERNAME"\Documents\sen2cor

In addition to that, you may also want to try the solutions provided on:

It is also worth noting that, unlike the SNAP software, which is capable of reading images as ZIP files, the Sen2Cor module has some difficulties reading ZIP files, so it might be better to extract the files and select the metadata (MTD_MSIL1C.xml) as the input.

Yet, if all of those didn’t work, you still have the option to run the stand-alone sen2cor program, but that might be cumbersome because of all the codings in cmd.

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