Sen2Cor not running on SNAP 8.0

Have been using Sen2Cor to perform atmospheric correction on Sentinel-2 images. The plugin is accessed using Tools> Manage External Tools>Sen2Cor280> Run.

Since 24th September 2021, the last update caused some error with Sen2Cor; we have the option to select the processing parameters but the plug in does not run.

Do you have an idea of how to resolve this problem?
Thanks in advance

I am also having the same problem. I keep getting a SPACECRAFT NAME error on the log files. Hopefully someone can steer us in the right direction soon…:frowning:

Hi there! Also having problems with Sen2Cor (in both versions…), the pluggin doesn’t run.

I tried to re-install both the pluggin and the app, also tried with different images if it was an error in the image, tried too with a subset and with a complete image…but still doesn’t work.

Have you guys solved the problem?

Thanks a lot!