Sensing or Ingestion Data for Sentinel 1 data?

Hello Dear All,
I am using Sentinel 1 Data for analysis of landslide and I have 2 questions?
1- In the Open Hub, there are 2 options for data type: sensing data and ingestion date. What is the difference between these two and which one is for analysis?
2- What is the difference Sentinel 1 A and Sentinel 1B. again for analysis, which one should be selected and use?

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“sensing date” (not data!) is the exact time when the image was taken by the sensor.
“ingestion date” is the time when the data was made available in the online archive.

See the help pages on these definitions for more details:

Sentinel-1 A and B are two satellites with the exact same configuration. That means, their images are fully compatible and acquired at intervals of 6 days.

I recommend to have a look at the tutorials (especially InSAR) if you are new to SAR processing and also to look at some posts in this forum dealing with landslide analysis:

Also very helpful are the documents by ESA:
InSAR Principles
InSAR processing: A practical approach


Thank you very much ABraun for your response and support. The links that you shared also will help about the processes. However, I could not get the difference between Sentinel 1 A and 1 B. If there is no any difference, I can use the 1 A and 1 B for analysis you mean. Right?

yes, there is no diffence. Sentinel-1B was launched in April 2016, Sentinel-1 already in 2014. Together they achieve a higher revisit rate and you can use both.

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Thank you ABraun, your support ans suggestion will help a lot.

Can anyone tell me, why there appears black screen while calibrating the sentinel-1 data?
How to rectify the problem?

please use only one topic for your question: Sentinel-1 data preprocessing

Where can i find the data of sentinel 1 which are offline in open accsss hub?

You can request them and they will be brought back online soon. Alaska Satellite Facility is another download option, they keep everything online.

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Hello, forum I was trying to download Sentinel 1 B data to use it in combination with sentinel 1 A, however, I couldn’t get for my study area is it possible that the satellite sentinel 1 B doesn’t pass over my site which is found in Ethiopia Omo gibe basin?

Yes it possible, check the acquisition segments at