Topographic Correction with Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64

Dear All,

I am trying to perform a topographic correction for the following Sentinel-2 image:

I wrote the Dem directory in the L2A_GIPP file and put the 90m-srtm DEM inside the directory (srtm_38_03.Tiff).
When I lanched sen2corr (no resolution specified) many errors appeared in the sen2corr log file:

[PERROR] L2A_XmlParse: 120 Schema file: S2-PDGS-TAS-DI-PSD-V14.5_Schema\S2_PDI_Level-2A_Tile_Metadata.xsd…
[DERROR] L2A_XmlParse: 121 Details: Element ‘PVI_FILENAME’: [facet ‘pattern’] The value …
and many others.

If I specify NONE for the DEM Directory no errors appear.

Any suggestion?
Many Thanks

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did you already see these topics on the use of DEMs in sen2cor?

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Hi, thanks for your replay. I fond a guide to solve my problems with sen2corr and gdal.

But now after the topographic correction the L2 image seems to be not corrected. Pixels (at all the spatial resolution) have the same values of L2 image without topographic correction.
I tried creating an empty folder but sen2corr does not download srtm DEM.
I tried to put the 90m-srtm (downloaded by myself) in the folder and also using a30m -srtm dem.
Nothing happens.

Do you have any idea?